What is Wasiyyath?

Wasiyyath is an important agreement termed by the sharia to use the final will of a person to make a provision for his eternal life by convert his last charity into an eternal rewarding source benefits continue to reach to his account even after his demise. The Wasiyyath is distorted by those who are practicing as some bequest their total wealth as Sadaqa and leave inheritors bare handed and some bequest the total wealth or part of it to an inherited. These both acts are malpractices forbidden by Islam. Those who do not practice wasiyyath (Bequest) also hold misconception that it should not be done and the inheritance shall not be regulated by Wasiyyath the bequest rather ignored to be fully dispensed by inheritance laws. As wasiyyath is a financial tool which a management system is necessary to execute the order of the testatrix.

Importance of Wasiyyath for a Muslim.

Wasiyyah is a service is dedicated to helping Muslims to prepare for their death by leaving a Will that is most pleasing to the All Mighty. Death is something Muslims should think about often and prepare for. One of the ways of preparing is to write a Will that is in accordance with Islamic principles. The Prophet Salalhualaihi Wasalam said it is a duty of the Muslim who has anything to bequeath not to let two nights pass without including it in his Will  (Bukhary). However, the reality is that most Muslims are ignorant about the importance of writing an Islamic Will and for those people who do recognize its importance the process of Islamic Will writing can be daunting and challenging.

How to perform a Wasiyyath?

The localities where Baithul Maal is established in their Masjids shall submit their Wasiyyath form filled to the society. Society shall legalize it through a legal assistant. After the demise of the Legatee the society shall execute the Bequest.