Special Media Communique from All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama

Mar 06, 2018

06.03.2018 (17.06.1439)


Yesterday (on 05.03.2018) there was a sudden turmoil arose in Digana and Teldeniya areas at the proximity to Kandy, causing loss of lives and properties valued at many millions of Rupees.

Religious Scholars have been making a tremendous effort to prevent this situation while informing the Government Authorities and prominent people with political pressures. All have been working hard to control the adverse situation.

The Representatives of the All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama met the Honorable Prime Minister and had a discussion on this matter. Meanwhile, the Kandy District Branch of ACJU have been making arrangements to advise and provide help for needy people. The prominent people and Branch Representatives of Kandy District have been carrying forward this work visiting the field. In the meantime, the Arabic College students and the public were guided to concentrate on Dua.

At this situation we shall not take part in any matter worsening the situation that might cause spreading the turmoil to other places. We shall constantly keep making Dua for the mercy and help of Allah.  Further, the victims or their supporters shall try to document the losses caused by this turmoil, which can be helpful for taking legal actions. Muslims are not expected to take law into their hands. But, you may confirm your self-defense to safeguard yourselves at the time of any attack. The ACJU requests all prominent people in a locality, Masjid Board of Trustees and Branches of the ACJU, together with the public, to cooperate with the ACJU to implement as mentioned above.

It is wise to stop talking ill of any leaders when they are in the process of solving this uncommon turmoil into a control being at different locations. Meanwhile the ACJU requests to get rid of sharing doubtful or false messages received from unknown people.

The All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama fraternally requests all to submit your prayers for the blessings of Allah for us to live as a united people in this country; avoiding all sorts of hostility in the hearts of others on Muslims.



Ash-Shaikh M.M.A Mubarak

General Secretary - ACJU

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