Joint Statement of Muslim Organizations

Mar 07, 2018


In the light of the prevailing circumstances in the country, a meeting of Muslim organizations held today, 07 March 2018 under the leadership of All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama.

Pursuant to this meeting, it was agreed to constitute a Representative Coordinating Committee to handle the crisis situation faced by the community. In that contaxt we immediately contacted the high officials of the country like H.E. President, Hon. Prime Minister, Muslim Ministers and Defense Officials to take forward the needful actions. The resolutions taken unanimously at this meeting given below:

  1. In this critical situation, the Muslim community without giving up, fearlessly, with your own self-protection shall act farsightedly.
  2. Whatever critical situation arises, the Muslim community is expected to keep up their connection with Allahu Ta’ala with Thawakkul, Dua, Isthigfar, fasting and patience.
  3. As the citizens of this country the government is liable to protect the lives and properties of the Muslim community, and therefore, we shall insist the government democratically and by any other ways respecting the law and order of the country.
  4. Since Emergency Law is prevailing at the moment Muslim community is requested to know its legal consequences and act accordingly.
  5. At this tensed situation, whatever information is received try to be alert on its truthfulness and think over the repercussions before sharing to others.
  6. All are requested to cooperate with the respective leaders of the region where a violence may crop up.
  7. Most of the people in this country like to live in religious harmony and coexistence, and therefore, you are requested to know this reality and determine to live together unitedly like in the past.

“Hasbunallahu wani’mal wakeel”

Allah is fully sufficient for us, and the best One in whom to trust.


  1. ACJU- All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama
  2. NSC - National Shoora Council
  3. MCSL – Muslim Council of Sri Lanka
  4. Quadiriyathun Nabaviyyah Thareeqa
  5. CDMF – Colombo District Masjid Federation
  6. Thableeg Jamath
  7. Jamate Islami
  8. Jamathus Salama
  9. UTJ – United thawheed Jamath
  10. ARC- Advocacy and Reconciliation Council
  11. ISRC – Islamic Relief Committee
  12. YMMA – Young Men’s Muslim Association
  13. AMYS – Association of Muslim Youth of Sri Lanka
  14. Muslim Media Forum
  15. DMMF
  16. KDMF
  17. NIDA

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