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Important Announcement from All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama

Mar 08, 2018



Considering the prevailing situation of the country All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama request the Muslim Community to strictly adhere to the below etiquettes on the day of Jumuah, 09th March 2018.

  1. We urge the Muslim Community to take all precautionary measures to protect Masjids, Houses and Business premises in the locality. Those who are involved in protecting the aforesaid properties can pray Luhar instead of Jumuah since for them Jumuah Salah will not be compulsory.
  2. If Jumuah is conducted in more than two masjids, the timings of Jumuah prayers can be adjusted by the board of trustees, if required.
  3. We request the Muslim Community to corporate pleasantly with security forces who are deployed to safeguard the Muslims and its properties.
  4. We request Khateebs to conclude the Khutuba and Jumuah Salah within 25 minutes and to conduct the Jumuah as per the guidelines stated by ACJU.
  5. Due to these unforeseen incidents, Muslim Community in our country is in deep grief, hence we urge Khateebs to conduct the Jumuah Kuthaba in a manner that will not provoke their sentiments and speak words that would comfort and bring confidence in them.
  6. We request Muslim Community to turn towards Almighty Allah and indulge in Dua, Isthigfhar, Sadaka and Fasting in order to bring a peaceful situation to the local and international Muslim Community.
  7. Since Emergency law has been imposed in the country we earnestly request the Muslim Community to disperse peacefully soon after Jumuah.


Ash-Shaikh Ilyas Mahmood

Secretary - Fatwa Division

All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama

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