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Steps Taken by ACJU on Recent Turmoil Against Muslim Community

Mar 16, 2018


01. An urgent meeting was held at ACJU head office on 5th of March with the participation of ACJU Executive Committee Members.

02. A meeting was held with the Hon. Prime Minister and IGP on 5th of March at the Prime Minister’s Office and requested to take immediate action to control the situation.

03. ACJU Kandy Branch visited Digana and other affected areas and requested the Muslims not to act violently when taking the Janaza of the deceased brother Abdul Basith.

04. ACJU issued a statement of guidance to the Muslim community to take precautions and self-defense while turning toward almighty Allah with Dua, Istigfar, Salah and patience.
- Special Media Communique from ACJU
- அகில இலங்கை ஜம்இய்யத்துல் உலமாவின் விஷேட ஊடக அறிக்கை

05. ACJU Executive Committee members and other Muslim organization representatives met the former president on 6th of March and requested him to put an effort to normalize the prevailing unrest situation.

06. On 6th of March, ACJU called an urgent Executive Committee meeting in which decided to form an action committee with the participation of all other Islamic movements. Muslim Ministers were also contacted and requested to pressure the government to take action and control the racist activities. Furthermore an Executive Committee member was appointed to coordinate with the Prime Minister's office and IGP office to inform the ground situations and to deploy police and forces for the protection of Muslims.

07. On 7th of March ACJU had a meeting with all the Muslim organizations and decided to issue a joint statement and form an action committee to coordinate other works and arrange a help desk for coordination.
 - Joint Statement of Muslim Organizations
முஸ்லிம் அமைப்புகளின் கூட்டறிக்கை

08. ACJU along with other Muslim Organizations met the H.E. President and requested him to take immediate action in order to prevent the racist attacks spreading to other areas.

09. On 8th of March ACJU guided the Khateebs and trustees on conducting Jumma with precautions.
 - Important Announcement from ACJU
ஜும்மா தொடர்பான முக்கிய அறிவித்தல்

10. ACJU released a statement of guidance to the Arabic colleges and parents on how to act in this situation.

11. ACJU conducted several meetings with influential people such as UN representatives and ambassadors of other countries to pressure the government for action.

12. ACJU has come forward to help the victims of the turmoil against the Muslim community and requested public to contribute in this regard.
 - Let’s help those affected by turmoil against Muslim Community
 - கலவரத்தால் பாதிக்கப்பட்டவர்களுக்கு உதவுவோம்

13. ACJU responded to several media to give guidelines for the Muslim community. Further the president of ACJU addressed the community on SLBC on 8th of March.
- Video Link

14. The president of ACJU issued a special message to the victims of the turmoil and for the Muslim community regarding the current issue on the 9th of March.
- Video Link 

15. ‎ACJU representatives including the president, general secretary and treasurer visited the affected areas on 10th and 11th of March.
- Video Link 

16. ACJU formed KRCC (Kandy Relief Coordinating Centre) along with Kandy City Jamiyyathul Ulama, Kandy City Masjid Federation, Kandy Muslim Traders Association, The Young Friends and few other organizations in order to coordinate the relief activities.
- Video Link

17. Representatives of ACJU Social Service Division along with the KRCC and the people of the affected area are taking assessments of losses in the affected areas since 12th of March until this date.

19. Action Committee appointed by the ACJU conducted a Strategic Planning Session to promote peaceful coexistence in the country on 12th of March.

19. ACJU requested the victims to lodge the complaints to the police station in order to get the government reliefs officially 14th of March.
 - தமது சேதங்களுக்கான பொலிஸ் முறையீடுகளை அவசரமாக பதிவு செய்யுங்கள்

20. ACJU strongly condemned the attack on Ash Sheik Sadhakathulla on 14th of March.
- மௌலவி சதகத்துல்லாஹ் தாக்கப்பட்டதை அகில இலங்கை ஜம்இய்யத்துல் உலமா வன்மையாக கண்டிக்கிறது


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