Important Guidelines regarding the relaxation of curfew and the remaining days of Ramadhaan

May 06, 2020



Important Guidelines regarding the relaxation of curfew and the remaining days of Ramadhaan

Despite the impact of Covid-19 being still prevalent, the enforced curfew is in the process of being relaxed methodically in order to meet the essential needs of the public. During this period it is important for us to be vigilant, safe and take precautions in our activities. While completely adhering to the guidelines issued by the Government, the ACJU also urges the Muslims to follow the ensuing guidelines as well:

  • The ACJU is pleased to observe the community following the previously issued guidelines by ACJU regarding Ramadhaan, and prays for all to be successful in both worlds. In addition to following these guidelines, we request all to be more attentive in performance of Salaah, Quran recitation, Dua and other acts of worship.


  • As the impact of Covid-19 is still prevalent and the Government is in the process of relaxing the curfew methodically, our vigilance and adherence to the guidelines of the Health Ministry shall pave way for the safety of ourselves, our families and the people of our country.


  • Special attention should be paid in maintaining social distancing as it has been identified that the lack of social distancing in public gatherings, may increase the spread of this virus. Wearing a mask, frequent washing of the hands, refraining from leaving the houses unnecessarily and other related guidelines by the Health Ministry should be followed. As it is the teaching of Islam in such situations to adhere to the set guidelines, as above, the Muslim community should follow them in an exemplary manner.


  • During the forthcoming Eid season, we should completely refrain from gathering in large crowds to make purchases, and follow the related guidelines set by the Government and the Health Ministry and as a precautionary measure, we should seek ‘Home Delivery’ services, as much as possible, to make necessary purchases.


  • Considering the prevailing situation in the country, arrangements should be made to celebrate Eid in a humble manner within the household members. (Insha Allah, a detailed guidance regarding Eid, shall be issued by ACJU as required).


  • As the curfew has been prolonging for several weeks, there are many who depend on daily wages and are suffering due to the inability to meet their daily needs. We should offer them assistance in all possible means regardless of race or religion. It is preferable, to minimize our festival expenses as much as possible and to spend in such worthy causes.


  • While engaging in charitable activities in abundance during this period, ‘Sadaqat ul Fitr’ should also be offered in the due prescribed manner.


  • Masjids should continue to comply with the related guidelines previously issued by the Waqf Board and the Department of Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs.


  • Considering that even the gatherings for prayers at Masjids are not permitted currently, we Muslims should completely avoid all forms of social gatherings.

Even though the curfew is being lifted, being vigilant, and following the relevant guidelines accurately would prevent us and the society from unnecessary problems.

Therefore, the ACJU requests all Muslims to follow the above guidelines, and pray, during this Holy Month of Ramadhaan, for quick relief from the impacts of this Virus and for the return of lives to normalcy.


Ash-Shaikh M.M.A. Mubarak

General Secretary

All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama


Note: ACJU kindly requests Trustees of Masjids to make necessary arrangement to read out these guidelines to the public at an appropriate time, via Masjid loudspeakers after Azan, and also requests all to cooperate in implementing these guidelines.

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