Guidelines regarding the last days of Ramadhaan and the Day of Eid

May 18, 2020



Guidelines regarding the last days of Ramadhaan and the Day of Eid

Having observed the fasts of Ramadhaan amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we have reached the last few days of this blessed Month.

While we pray for quick relief from the impact of this virus and restoration of normalcy in our livelihoods, during this Holy Month of Ramadhaan, we request everyone to follow the below guidelines.


Guidelines regarding the last part of Ramadhaan:

  • The last part of Ramadhaan is in which most virtues could be acquired. Therefore, everyone should engage in good deeds excessively during this period, while remaining at homes, and make effort to attain the blessed ‘Laithul Qadr’.


  • Gatherings at Masjids for I’thikaf and other Ibaadahs (acts of worship) during these few days should be completely avoided and the related guidelines issued by the Waqf Board and the Department of Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs (MRCA) should be followed.


  • Since the curfew is being relaxed partially in many districts, unless for essential needs, leaving the homes should be avoided and if required to go out it is necessary to abide by the guidelines issued by the government such as wearing a face mask and maintaining social distance. As it is the teaching of Islam in such situations to adhere to the set guidelines, as above, the Muslim community should follow them in an exemplary manner.


  • During the forthcoming Eid season, we should completely refrain from gathering in large crowds to make purchases, and follow the related guidelines set by the Government and the Health Ministry and as a precautionary measure, we should resort to ‘Home Delivery’ services, as much as possible, to make necessary purchases.


  • Those upon whom Zakathul Fitr is obligatory, should ensure to offer them prior to the performance of the Eid Prayer. As advised previously, it is recommended to offer it collectively through the Masjids.


Guidelines regarding the Day of Eid:

  • While being conscious that this Eid has to be celebrated during a crisis period, we should ensure to abide by the standard precautionary measures considering the safety of the people and the country, especially on the day of Eid.


  • Performing the Eid prayers in congregation at Masjids or in open grounds should be strictly avoided. Instead the Eid prayers should be conducted within the house hold members at our homes.


  • Necessary arrangements should be made to celebrate Eid safely, within the household members. Unnecessary trips and gatherings should be strictly avoided.


  • Strictly avoid making Musaafaha or Mu’aanaka with others during this period, especially on the day of Eid.


  • From the moment of sighting the crescent of Shawwaal until the Eid prayers are performed, necessary arrangements should be made to recite Takbeer over the loudspeakers of the Masjids, after every Azan.


  • Assistance should be provided to the poor and needy as much as possible, especially during the period of Eid.


May Almighty Allah accept our good deeds and fasts, and safeguard the entire world from the effects of this virus. Aameen.




Ash Sheikh M.M.A. Mubarak

General Secretary – ACJU


Note: All Trustees of Masjids are kindly requested to make necessary arrangements to read out these guidelines to the public at an appropriate time, via Masjid loudspeakers after Azan, and also ACJU requests everyone to cooperate in implementing these guidelines.

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