Regarding the performance of Jumu’ah Prayer on 2020.06.19

Jun 19, 2020





Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmathullaahi Wa Barakaathuhu

Regarding the performance of Jumu’ah Prayer on 2020.06.19

1. Indeed, there is no doubt that each and every person would be eager to perform the Jumu’ah prayer. However, as it is not possible to accommodate everyone for Jumu’ah prayers under the current situation, those who are compelled to forego Jumu’ah will undoubtedly receive the reward of actually performing Jumu’ah.

2. As it is not possible to accommodate everyone for Jumu’ah prayers while maintaining social distancing within Jumu’ah Masjids, the Waqf Board, Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs Dept. (MRCA) and the ACJU has issued guidelines to utilize Zaaviyahs, Thakiyyahs and other suitable locations to perform the Jumu’ah prayers by obtaining the necessary permissions from the relevant Authorities.

3. In this regard, everyone is kindly requested to fully cooperate with the Masjid Trustees, and only those who have been permitted to perform Jumu’ah are requested to do so; while others are kindly requested to perform the Luhar prayers, on time, in congregation, at their respective places.

4. We request the Masjid Trustees and the ACJU Divisional Branches to collectively decide on an appropriate method for granting permission to perform Jumu’ah.

5. It should be ensured that the related permissions that have been granted should not be violated due to our misconduct under any circumstances.

6. Currently, as the Government has granted permission to perform Jumu’ah prayers, it is obligatory that Jumu’ah is performed by the number of persons permitted by the Government at possible venues by obtaining necessary approvals from the Authorities. It is not permissible to neglect this obligation while having the capability to perform it.

7. It is incorrect to forego the performance of Jumu’ah, citing the reason that only few shall have the opportunity to perform Jumu’ah and many others may not.


Ash Shaikh M.L.M. Ilyas
Secretary – Fatwa Committee
All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama

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