Let us unitedly strive to develop our Motherland

Aug 11, 2020


Ref: ACJU/GEN/2020/022

11th August 2020  


Let us unitedly strive to develop our Motherland


We wish to extend our heartiest congratulations to His Excellency Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, the President, and the Hon. Mahinda Rajapakse, the Prime Minister, on the resounding victory obtained by the governing party at the last general election.

We also wish to extend our congratulations to all the Members who elected to the Parliament of Sri Lanka.

The fact that we were able to hold an election in these trying times is indeed a testimony to our capability as a nation, and the devotion of our people to democratic values. We have demonstrated that we are indeed a mature democracy.

We are gratified by some of the healthy trends that emerged at the election. It is very satisfying to note that our people were able to avoid violence and exercise the franchise in a free manner.

The people have unreservedly placed their confidence in the new government. With success comes responsibility. We have confidence in the new administration and its capability to usher our nation towards an era of economic prosperity, national security, and social harmony within the framework of democratic principles.

The Opposition, the Members of Parliament and the citizens regardless of political, religious or racial differences should support unitedly all productive measures taken by the Government in developing our nation as a prosperous, harmonious country.

May Almighty Allah bless our Motherland with lasting peace and prosperity and protect all of us from all forms of evils and diseases, Aameen.



Ash Shaikh M.M.M. Murshid

Asst. General Secretary - ACJU

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