ISIS terrorist organization and the Lankan Muslims

Jul 21, 2015

21.07.2015 - Media Statement

ISIS terrorist organization and the Lankan Muslims

News of the death of an alleged Lankan Muslim who has reportedly left the country to join the ISIS has been published in various local dailies.

Hence, the Sri Lankan Muslim community has become deeply worried over this news item. Lankan Muslims like many other peace loving Muslim nations world over never approve the activities of the ISIS which is tarnishing the name of Islam by hideously misinterpreting the concept of “Jihad”. 

Realizing the apex role of the ACJU that provide guidance to the Muslims of this country, Ash Sheikh Rizwe Mufti, the President of our organization made a special address to the Lankan Muslims over the SLBC on 06.07.2014 with regard to the ISIS issue and cautioned them to fully distance them from this terror outfit and its activities. The President further asserted that the group is a totally illegal terrorist movement that is operating out of the folds of Islam and its teachings.

Thus, ACJU became one of the first Muslim organizations in the world to denounce the actions of the ISIS as ‘grossly un-Islamic.’

Subsequent to the above verbal denouncement, ACJU publish an another Media Statement  to the same effect to all major print media institutions with signatures of the President and the General Secretary on 30.08.2014.  

Further on 03.02.2015 ACJU issued another Media Statement condemning the killing of two Japanese journalists.

In Addition to this, ACJU once again denounced the actions of the ISIS on 03.02.2015, by issuing another media statement, which has been also posted in our website. This denouncement could be accessed by clicking this link:

We also would like to state that our organization is making arrangement to issue a detailed statement denouncing the barbaric actions of the ISIS very soon.

Thanking you,


Ash Sheikh Rizwe Mufthi - President, All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama                                                     

Ash Sheikh M. M. Ahmed MubarakGeneral Secretary,All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama                                                                                           


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