ACJU curbs the tension at Thihariya

Sep 01, 2016

ACJU curbs the tension at Thihariya

A team of Representatives from the ACJU rushed to Thihariya, on an official visit, following an uproar between the people of the Thihariya Grand Mosque and the people of Masjid Aboobuker, pertaining to the inauguration of Jumu’ah at Masjid Aboobucker, on 2016.08.26.

The team discussed individually with members of the ACJU Thihariya Branch, the trustees of Thihariya Grand Mosque, the prominent personalities of the Masjid locality, along with the trustees of Aboobucker Masjid and Jami’uth Thowheed, amicably and in detail.

After investigating on the incident, some consultations were forwarded to safeguard the unity and reconciliation of the concerned people. As the next step arrangements are made to invite all concerned in the incident for a discussion at the ACJU Head Office, Colombo.

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