As all religions have their own respective institutes in order to produce their clergy and preachers, Madarsas (Arabic Colleges) are institutes or faculties where Islamic Religious scholars and preachers are produced, which have been in existence for more than 150 years in Sri Lanka.

The first Madrasa was established in 1870 in the name of Zawiyathul Makkiyatul Fasiyyatul Shaduliyya, located in Thalapitiya, Galle. And thereafter, in 1884, Al Madrasatul Baari in Weligama, in 1894 Bahjatul Ibrahimiyya in Galle, in 1931 Ghafooriya Arabic College in Maharagama, in 1954 South Eastern Arabic College in Attalachenai, in 1955 Al Falah Arabic College in Kattankudi and in 1959 Kaleliya Muslim Ladies Arabic college were established.

It is significant to note that Arabic and Islamic subjects have been included in the Sri Lankan education system from the very initial stages. Arabic and Islamic subjects have been included throughout history of education in Government schools, colleges and in universities. In the 1940’s, the Department of Arabic & Islamic Civilization was established in the Peradeniya University.

Moulavi teacher appointments have been made to teach Arabic and Islam subjects in the schools by the government for past few decades.

As all the fundamental teachings of Islam are in Arabic, the Arabic language and other Islamic literature are being taught in Madarasas. Other languages such as Sinhala, English are also included together with the regular subjects. Most Madrasas prepare their students to sit for the GCE O/L and A/L examinations.

Since 2013, two Government approved two examinations are being conducted by the Department of Examinations on the Arabic and Islam subjects. Thereby the Madrasas teach their subjects based on Govt. approved syllabuses.

Arabic Madrasas are engaged on a noble mission of fostering God Fearing, good Citizens with good morals and culture who will add value to the nation, to the community and to the religion.

Considering the recent misconceptions among the ethnicities, the Madarasa Students are being are taught and provided guidance on making efforts to maintain Coexistence and Social Harmony.

Following decisions are made in the Conference.

  1. It is hereby resolved that this Conference vehemently condemns the terrorist attacks that took place on the 21st April 2019.
  1. This conference expresses its deepest sympathies to those families who have lost their loved ones and we pray for quick recovery for those who were injured.
  1. This conference strongly states that Islam, which encourages values of Peace and Coexistence, has no relationship with any sort of Terrorism whatsoever.
  1. This conference states that maximum punishment be meted out by law enforcement to those who are involved directly or indirectly in this terrorist attacks.
  1. This conference condemns the racist attacks on the Muslims in Kurunegala, Puttalam Gampaha districts, and requests the authorities to mete out appropriate punishments for those who were involved in these attacks.
  1. This conference expresses its gratitude to the His Excellency the President, Hon. Prime Minister, Government Officials, Defense and Security Authorities for taking necessary measures to ensure security for the public and for restoration of peace, order and normalcy within a short period. The conference also requests to take appropriate steps to release the innocent who have been taken into custody upon suspicion following the terror attacks.
  1. This conference hereby declares with responsibility that the Syllabus taught at Madarasas is in compliance with the law of this country and strongly states that this syllabus does not teach nor encourage any form of extremism or terrorism whatsoever.
  1. This conference ensures with responsibility that Madarasas will work towards eliminating terrorism and all related ideologies from Sri Lanka.
  1. This conference declares that the Madarsas and shall work towards strengthening and building unity and peaceful coexistence among communities, while clarifying the prevailing misconceptions about them.
  1. This conference declares that the Muslims of this country, who bear a thousand year testimony of patriotism, loyalty and peace, bear no trait of support nor encouragement to terrorism in any form, and strongly ensures that we shall continue to be loyal citizens of this country in the future as well.
  1. This conference requests the Media institutions, while carrying out their duties with responsibility, should abide by the moral media ethics in reporting news.
  1. This conference requests the Government, Members of the Parliament, Religious leaders and Civil Societies to collectively make efforts towards rebuilding religious and social harmony regardless of religious, racial and language differences.