14.05.2019 (08.09.1440)


Considering the crisis that has been prevailing in the country the last few days, All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama along with all other Muslim Civil groups have come together and initiated many steps to handle the situation. In relation to this a Representative Group consisting of various Islamic, and Muslim Civil groups has been formed.

Direct interaction with the Higher Officials of the country like the President, Prime Minister and Defense Personals have been made to implement the purpose of the above mentioned collective Representative Group.

It was brought to the notice of everyone of us that the entire Muslim Community as One Body Condemned and rejected the inhuman and barbaric terrorist attacks of 21.04.2019 while extending their fullest co-operation to facilitate Security measures. While Islam gravely condemns such inhuman acts, none could hold the entire Muslim Community responsible for the terrorism of a few mislead persons. Citing this and regarding all Muslims as offenders, harassing them and causing damage to their then and their property is not justifiable in any way.

All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama requests the Muslims of this country to adhere to the following guidelines during this critical period:

  1. However unjust the situation be, Muslims should maintain a strong bond with Allah while being steadfast in Ibadahs like salah, fasting, twakkul,, dua and istig’far.
  2. During this dilemma, Muslims should consider the social welfare of everyone, be calm, vigilant and be far-sighted.
  3. As citizens of this Country, the state is responsible for the safety of the Muslim community and their property. We should all emphasize this to the government. Further, all Muslims should obey the law and order while being vigilant.
  4. Respect and follow the declared state of Emergency at all times.
  5. Verify the authenticity of information shared through social media before you share them with other. Also consider the consequences of sharing such information.
  6. Whatever the unjust situation you may be in, you need to obey the officials of the respective departments.
  7. Considering the unrest situation in the country, recite qunoot e naazila in the five daily prayers, and recite the brief duas provided by the Jamiyyah.
  8. As majority of the Sri Lankans wish to maintain friendly communal and social relationships, we need to interact with them in harmony and peace like in the past.
  9. Communicate with the religious and social leaders of your respective areas to maintain peace and order.

 Ash-Sheikh A.C.M. Agar Mohamed 

Deputy President - ACJU


02.05.2019 (26.08.1440)

Utilizing Ramadhaan in the Best Manner

Allah has dignified the Month of Ramadhaan by revealing the Holy Quran in this month. This is the month of Dua and patience. And this is the month in which we Muslims, engage in several virtuous deeds eagerly and with forbearance, according to the guidance of the Ulama.

In this blessed Month, abundant Duas should be made, supplicating all our needs from the Almighty, for the prosperity of the society, and especially for the consolation of the people who were effected in the recent brutal tragedy, for quick recovery to normalcy and for prevalence of unity, peace and harmony in this country.

The following are some guidelines and advices to be adhered during Ramadhaan:

  • Engaging in the abundant recitation, understanding and practicing the teachings of the Holy Quran. 
  • By performing various Ibaadat and prayers during night, time should be utilized productively. 
  • To abide by the guidance of the Ulama, with regard to differences of opinions on religious matters and avoid causing unnecessary problems in this regard. 
  • Luxurious Iftar & Sahar (Pre-dawn meal) programs should be avoided and instead to identify the poor and the needy to give Zakath and Sadaqa (Charity). 
  • Making arrangments of Sahar and Iftar for the poor and needy. 
  • Youngsters are requested to avoid wasting time after night prayers and return to their residences as soon as possible. The parents and elders are advised to be vigilant in this regard. 
  • The volumes of the loudspeakers of Mosques should be controlled when conducting sermons and special night prayers, to ensure that the sound is inverted within the Mosque premises. 
  • To control the volumes of Radios / Televisions of residences, especially during Sahar time and thereby avoid causing hindrances to neighbors. 
  • Engaging in charitable deeds such as sharing of meals and special dishes among the neighborhood members is encouraged. 
  • Due to the prevailing situation, the women could perform Taraweeh prayers at their residences if the environment is not suitable to go to the Mosque. 
  • Those who come to Mosques in vehicles, due to unavoidable circumstances should park their vehicles without causing hindrance to others. 
  • It is better to avoid your vehicles to arrive at Masjids for night worships unless otherwise you do not disturb the pedestrians around the area.


  • With regard to implementing the above guidelines and advices all ACJU Divisional Branch members, Masjid Trustees and the Muslim community are kindly requested to cooperate.

Let us follow the above advices and guidelines and ensure to gain maximum virtues in the Holy Month of Ramadhaan.

May Almighty Allah bless and accept our prayers and bestow this country with peaceful coexistence and unity among the communities!



Ash-Shaikh H Omardeen
Secretary – ACJU Propagation Division ,
All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama


Maintenance of National security

As Muslims, we are obliged to be responsible citizens and protect our motherland and maintain peace and order. We appeal to all, to cooperate with the security forces and law enforcement agencies. In particular, we strongly appeal to our sisters to be mindful of the critical emergency situation now prevalent in our country and the difficulties faced by the security officers in performing their functions in situations where the identity of a person cannot be ascertained. Hence, we advise that in the prevailing situation our sisters should not hinder the security forces in their efforts to maintain national security by wearing the face cover (Niqab).

We also recommend that all persons should carry their National identity card at all times to be produced when required by any public officer.


Ash sheikh M.L.M Ilyas

Secretary – fatwa division

All Ceylon Jamiyyathul ulama


Guidance provided by the ACJU to be adhered in the prevailing situation in the country

Assalamu Alaikum Warahmathullahi Wabarakathuhu

ACJU wishes to provide the following instructions to the Muslim community in Sri Lanka with the view of the current tense situation and in the wake of the implementation of the Emergency Law. We specially urge Masjid trustees and Imams to adhere to these instructions with utmost consideration.

  1. Only Allah could resolve to all our situations and He is our real Sustainer and only Protector. Therefore, it is important to turn towards Allah with Taubah (Repentence) & Isthigfhar (Seeking Forgiveness).
  1. ACJU appeals all the Muslims to observe fast tomorrow (25th April Thursday), to invoke blessings of Allah to institute peace and mutual understanding among all the communities living in this country and to bring about prosperity to this nation and also as a consolation to the families who lost their loved ones during the recent attacks.
  1. Those who fear that the safety of their family shall be compromised if they leave for Jumu'ah, they could offer Luhar prayers at their homes.
  1. ACJU urges the Jumu’ah Katheebs to prepare their Jumu’ah sermons on topics highlighting the fact that ‘Islam Values Lives’.
  1. Every Muslim should adhere to the rules with regard to the implementation of curfew and Emergency Law.
  2. Security of Masjids should be stepped up and special checkups should be carried out inside the Masjids and its surroundings prior to Jumu’a gatherings with special scrutiny for suspicious objects and also for movements of strange persons.
  1. To minimize traveling by vehicles for Jumu’ah and if required, it is recommended to travel collectively rather than traveling individually.
  1. To ensure to display the contact details of the owner / driver of the Vehicles, while parking them enabling immediate contact.
  1. Bags or parcels should not be brought to Masjids especially when coming for Jumu’ah.
  1. Jumu’ah sermons along with the Salaah should be confined to no more than 30 minutes.
  1. The Jumu’ah Masjid trustees to appoint appropriate personals for security during the Jumu’ah Khutbah and Prayers, who shall perform their Luhar Prayers thereafter as Jamaath.
  1. In Masjids where Jumu’ah is not conducted, trustworthy personals to be stationed for Security, and they too shall offer their Luhar Prayers with Jamaath.
  1. Children below 13 years of age should not be accompanied to the Masjid for Jumu’ah.


May Allah help prevail peace and harmony in our Motherland.


Ash Shaikh M.L.M. Ilyas

Secretary - Fatwa Committee

All Ceylon Jamiyathul Ulema   


Important Announcement by ACJU to the Muslim Community of Sri Lanka

The Muslim community of Sri Lanka strongly condemns the violent terrorist attacks that took place in our land on Sunday, the 21st of April, 2019. Islam treats the killing of one human being equal to the killing of all humanity; this brutal act has nothing to do with Islam or any other religion. We are deeply sorrowed by the loss of so many innocent lives and we share in the grief of all the effected families. ACJU urges the members of the mosques to visit the effected homes in their vicinity to extend all forms of support in this state of need.

All Muslims across the country are urged to extend their fullest support to the government to track those who responsible for this atrocious act.

ACJU urges the Muslim Community to act on the following recommendations:

  1. To extend your fullest support to the Government Security Services in its pursuit to track and identify the criminals who perpetrated this act of terror.
  2. Those residing in the neighborhoods of the effected Churches to extend their help and aid to the families of the victims and share in their sorrow.
  3. To extend our fullest co-operation by giving your time, effort and any other possible means to aid the effected families.
  4. To act with patience and restraint when engaging with our fellow brothers and sisters who are deeply grieved with this unfortunate loss of their family members.
  5. To visibly display our condemnation of the terror attack and our condolence for the bereaved by hanging a banner in all three languages outside the mosques and raising a white flag to share our solidarity.
  6. To represent the Muslims and visit during Sunday Church Mass in order to show our solidarity and unity with them against the violent terror attacks.


Ash – sheikh   H. Omardeen

Executive Member - ACJU





The ACJU vehemently condemns today's inhuman terrorist attack on Churches and other places while our Christian brothers and sisters were celebrating Easter

This is a shameful and heinous act which no human being can tolerate for any reason. Though the attacks were carried out on a day holy to a particular religious community, it is a very sad day for all Sri Lankans.

On behalf of all Sri Lankan Muslims, we the All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama extend our arms of solidarity, love and affection towards our Christian brothers and sisters at this moment of grief. 

We urge the authorities to assure that all places of worship are adequately protected immediately, and to ensure that the perpetrators of these crimes are brought to justice without delay. 

We urge all Sri Lankans, especially the Muslim community including trustees of mosques to do all that is necessary to support the affected communities by facilitating donation of blood, helping the injured, providing psychological support and making them feel safe and secure. 

We appeal to all religious and civil leaders to join hands in rightly guiding the people of their respective areas to prevent communal conflicts, and also to the public to refrain from spreading rumours through different forms of media. 

At this moment of great tragedy, let us all join together in solidarity and face the challenges with mutual love and respect to move forward as Sri Lankans. We pray to Almighty Allah that He eases the pain of all who were affected and grant His mercy to them.

Let us all be together in this, and help and support each other in this time of grief and pray that we overcome this tragedy as Sri Lankans.


Mufti M.I.M Rizwe

President – ACJU







As a result of almost eight years of effort in preparing the Sinhala exegesis of the Al-Quran by the All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama, the launching ceremony took place on Sunday, 07th of April 2019 at the BMICH.

Ash-Shaikh Qari M.H.M Firdous inaugurating the function with Quirath, Ash-Shaikh A.C. Agar Mohammed, the Vice President of the ACJU, addressed the gathering in his opening speech.

Following that, a prominent individual playing a key role in guiding and supporting the ACJU in its legal endeavors President Counsel, Lawyer Faisz Musthapha delivered his oration. In his speech, he emphasized the fact that the tome had been compiled with brief, useful notes and comprised of eloquent literary work.

Following PC Faisz Musthapaha, Professor Daya Amarasekara of the University of Peradeniya addressed the gathering. In the course of his delivery, he stated that this book would serve as a pathway to bridge the gap between Muslims and the people of other religions and to eliminate misconceptions. He also mentioned that the fact the only true way to avoid conflict between societies altogether is through understanding.

A video presentation on the Sinhala Exegesis of the Holy Quran by ACJU was presented to the gathered audience.

Following this, the special speech of this event was delivered by Mufti M. I. M. Rizwe the President of ACJU.

He emphasized the cordial relationships of the Muslims and the other communities that has been existing since the ancient times. He cited a few key Verses of the Holy Quran which guides mankind on moral values and coexistence. And also he highlighted the excellent qualities manifested by Prophet Muhammad PBUH. While appreciating HE President’s efforts to eradicate the drug abuse menace from the society, Mufti Rizwe expressed the willingness of the Muslim Community to contribute to the Social Development of this country of all possible ways. Finally he supplicated to Allah for all those who have been serving for the noble Quran throughout the world and moreover he gratefully reminded that there were many who have been supporting the ACJU to take over this challenging task approximately for eight years.

The most significant event of this historical occasion of presenting the 1st copy of the Sinhala Exegesis of the Holy Quran by ACJU, to H. E. Maithripala Sirisena, the President of the Sri Lanka, by the Mufti M.I.M. Rizwe, President of the ACJU.

Following this event, the Former Member of Parliament Mr. Imthiyaz Bakeer Makar’s Speech of Honor was delivered. In his speech, he mentioned that in a pluralistic country like Sri Lanka we must have the knowledge of the other Religions to build co-existence.

The Chief Guest of this historic occasion The President of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, His Excellency Maithripala Sirisena delivered his address. He mentioned that, the ACJU had accomplished a task which was a contemporary need and he greatly appreciated this effort.

The Vote of Thanks was delivered by one of the Deputy Secretaries of the ACJU, Ash-Shaikh Murshid Mulaffar. Finally the event concluded with the National Anthem.

The attendees of this historic event, were honored by the free distribution of copies of the ‘Sinhala Exegesis of the Al-Quran by ACJU’, as a memento of this significant event.

Religious Scholars, Members of the Parliament, Non-Muslim Guests, and a large number of invitees graced this occasion.

ACJU Media Division



The All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama (ACJU) is pleased to release this message on the 71st Independence Day of our motherland Sri Lanka.

This Independence was obtained by the Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims and Christians, who sacrificed unitedly beyond all ethnic, religious, racial differences and achieved this victory for our motherland. It is important to commemorate these heroic achievers on this Day of Independence.

Similar to the sacrifices of our predecessors, who overlooked their differences of caste, creed and ethnicity in their struggles, the ACJU invites all citizens of this country, to come forward casting aside our religious, racial and political differences and make efforts towards the prosperity and development of this country.

The ACJU desires that we, especially the Muslims, should follow the steps of great personalities like T.B. Jayah and Sir Razick Fareed, and become citizens who dedicate our lives for the prosperity of this country.

Our wishes and prayers is that this multi-ethnic country, which consists of Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims and Christians, should ever flourish with development and prosperity. The ACJU wishes to remind that the prosperity and development of a country depends on the patriotism and unity of the citizens.

Thus, the ACJU seeks blessings from the Almighty, for all citizens of this country to live in unity and solidarity as a family.

May this nation be blessed with all necessary resources and excel as a ‘United Sri Lanka’.


Ash Sheikh M.M.A. Mubarak
General Secretary,
All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama

The ACJU Division for Youth Affairs conducted a Career Guidance program for selected youth at the Baraimul Imaan Foundation, Gothatuwa, on the 31st of January. 


The plurality of religions is a reality of the human experience. All religions acknowledge this fact undeniably. No religion encourages blasphemous or humiliating acts towards other religions.

Islam strongly condemns blasphemy against other religions and offending the feelings of followers of other religions. The Holy Quran guides us in very clear terms: “Do not revile those whom they invoke other than Allah,”[6:108]
It is evident that the religion of Islam, which does not permit abuse of other religious deities, certainly does not permit humiliation of other religions nor permits its followers to offend the feelings of the followers of other religions.

Throughout history, the Muslim community has been living in peace and tranquility among other communities, and has also immensely contributed in various aspects to the development of the country. Thus, any blasphemous or unlawful activity under the name of religion or ethnicity, shall not be tolerated by the Muslim Community. Furthermore the entire Muslim Community strongly condemns any sort of activity under the banner of Islam, which resorts to extremism and blasphemy.

Recently an incident occurred that hurt the feelings of the Buddhist community and some suspects were arrested. After necessary investigations, they should be brought to book and punishments be meted out if they are proven guilty, regardless of whoever they are. At the same time, effective measures should be taken to ensure prevalence of peace and tranquility among all communities within the country. Effective strategies should be formulated and implemented, especially for the guidance of youth, by places of religious worship and civil organizations island wide.

In the absence of an official declaration from the government concerning the said incident, the Muslim community is concerned that the circulation of unconfirmed news, rumours and false assumptions, might disrupt the unity and coexistence prevailing among the communities. Therefore Media institutions, abiding by accepted standards of ‘Media Ethics’, are kindly requested to conduct themselves in a responsible manner while preserving the unity and coexistence that has for centuries prevailed among the communities of this country.

The recent incidents which occurred in Sri Lanka also prove that individuals who carry out religious blasphemy exist in all religions. It is sad to note that from time to time, some people involve in blasphemy against other religions and harm the lives and properties of other religious communities. The disastrous incidents which occurred in the recent past clearly attests to this. If this unpleasant culture of violence continues, the prevalence of peace and prosperity in our motherland that was achieved by all citizens together over all these years, will become a very arduous and challenging task in future.

We urge the Government to ensure peace and tranquility in our beloved country by utilizing all means, such as Intelligence officers to get to the truth and the whole truth behind these incidents, the Police who maintain law and order, the security forces who protect each and all of us and the judicial authorities who establish justice, and be vigilant with regard to anyone acting against the peace and tranquility of our beloved island, irrespective of race or religion.

  1. All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama - ACJU
  2. Advocacy & Reconciliation Council - ARC
  3. Al-Kafaala Foundation
  4. All Ceylon Thawheed Jamath - ACTJ
  5. All Ceylon Young Men’s Muslim Association Conference - YMMA
  6. All University Muslim Students’ Association - AUMSA
  7. Al-Muslimath
  8. Association of Muslim Youth of Sailan - AMYS
  9. Centre for Islamic Studies - CIS
  10. Colombo District Masjid Federation - CDMF
  11. Families Relief Sri Lanka Trust
  12. Federation Of All Mosques In Ampara District
  13. Federation of Sri Lanka Arabic Colleges
  14. International Islamic Relief Organization - IIRO
  15. Sri Lanka Islamic Center
  16. Jama’athus Salama
  17. Jamaath Ansari Sunnathil Muhammadiyya of Sri Lanka - JASM
  18. Sri Lanka Islamic Students’ Movement
  19. Kandy City Masjid Federaion - KCMF
  20. Markaz Islamic Center
  21. Muslim Aid
  22. Muslim Council of Sri Lanka - MCSL
  23. Muslim Women’s Research and Action Front - MWRAF
  24. Nida Foundation
  25. Shazuliyya Thareeka
  26. Sri Lanka Jama’athe Islami - SLJI
  27. Sri Lanka Muslim Media Forum - SLMMF
  28. United Thawheed Jamath - UTJ
  29. World Assembly of Muslim Youth - WAMY
  30. World Cultural Center for Development and Training
  31. Zam Zam Foundation