25.07.2016 – Media Release

New selection of office Bearers of the All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama

The Central Committee meeting was held at 3.00 p.m. on Sunday the 24th July, 2016 for the new selection of office bearers of the All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama (ACJU) at Kandy Grand Jumu'ah Mosque.

As per the ACJU's Constitution, the Executive Committee Members have to be selected once in three years at the Central Committee Meeting held.

ln the selection Ash-Sheikh S.L. Nawfer was assigned as the Temporary president, while Ash-Sheikh A.L.M. Rila and Ash-Sheikh M.L.M. Ilyas were assigned as Assistants to him to monitor the selection duties.

lnclusive of 25 members of District Branch Presidents, Secretaries and Treasurers, altogether 99 persons were invited for the above meeting for a secret ballot for the selection of Executive Committee members. The following members were selected as the Office Bearers' positions mentioned according to the reformed constitution: 

Honorary President: Ash-Sheikh Mufti M.I.M. Rizwe          

Honorary Deputy President: Ash-Sheikh A.C.M. Agar Mohamed                

Honorary General Secretary: Ash-Sheikh M.M.A. Mubarak                           

Honorary Treasurer: Ash-Sheikh A.L.M. Khaleel                                 

Honorary Sub Presidents

  • Ash-Sheikh M.J.Abdul Khaliq
  • Ash-Sheikh Mufti M.H.M. Yoosuff
  • Ash-Sheikh A.L.M. Rila
  • Ash-Sheikh S.H. Atham Bawa
  • Ash-Sheikh A.L.M. Hashim

Honorary Assistant Secretaries

  • Ash-Sheikh M.S.M. Thassim       
  • Ash-sheikh M.M.M. Murshid

Honorary Assistant Treasurer: Ash-sheikh M.K. Abdurrahman                       

Honorary Executive Committee Members

  • Ash-sheikh H. Omardeen
  • Ash-sheikh S.L. Nawfer
  • Ash-sheikh M.L.M. llyas
  • Ash-sheikh M.F.M. Fazil
  • Ash-sheikh K.M. Abdul Muksith
  • Ash-sheikh S.A.M. Jawfar
  • Ash-sheikh Arkam Nooramith
  • Ash-sheikh Abdullah Mahmood
  • Ash-sheikh A.C.M. Fazil
  • Ash-sheikh A.B.M. Aliyar
  • Ash-sheikh S.M.M. Junaid
  • Ash-sheikh S.A.B.A.S. Sufiyan
  • Ash-sheikh S.H. Zarook