Media Release

The American President Trump’s decision in recognizing Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel is an illegitimate decision contradicting the international laws and resolutions, and violating the sanctity of the holy city of Jerusalem. We, All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama, on behalf of Sri Lankan Muslim community, strongly denounce this illegitimate decision.

This decision is refused and will be resisted by all the Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims across the world. Jerusalem (Bait Al-Maqdis) is a sacred city for both Muslims and Christians, which is the united capital of Palestine. Historically, it has been the first Qibla, and the third most sacred mosque of Muslims.

We, Sri Lankan Muslims, stand firm in supporting the Palestinians in their continuous struggle for free Palestine and request the Arab Nations to support them in achieving this cause.

May Allah, the Almighty help to liberate their homeland and establish their independent state with Jerusalem as its capital.



Ash-Shaikh M.M.A. Mubarak
General Secretary - ACJU