24.10.2019 (24.02.1441)


All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama (ACJU) earnestly requests Muslims of this country to adhere to the following guidelines with regard to the Presidential Elections scheduled to be held on 16th of November 2019.

  1. It is a well-known fact that ACJU is a civil Organization has been engaged well over 90 years in social, religious activities in this country. It neither supports nor raise against any political party or any candidate. Therefore we kindly request all concerned, not to engage in the political propaganda with the name of All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama.
  2. We as Muslims, strongly believe that the universe and all its affairs are invariably ruled and governed by the pre-destination of Almighty Allah and whoever is elected in the elections is too predetermined. Hence we wholeheartedly accept the results of the election irrespective of who won in the election.
  3. While acknowledging that the success of lives of this world and the hereafter completely depend upon the sincerely following and abiding by the teachings and guidance of the Prophet Muhammad (Salallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam – Peace be upon Him), the Muslim community should abide by these teachings even during the period of elections. As Muslims we should resort to prayers to fulfil our needs at all times. Therefore supplications should be made abundantly for a bright future in our motherland and for the betterment of all citizens and we should engage in the performance of good deeds excessively and thereby be blessed with the Mercy of the Almighty.
  4. In a democratic country any person can contest in any party and similarly one has the right to support any candidate of his choice, which is one’s fundamental rights. As citizens of this nation, Muslims must utilize the voting rights in most beneficial manner and at no circumstance should this democratic right be neglected.
  5. It is essential the candidates whom we vote for are those who are patriotic, committed towards the betterment of the citizens and dedicated to drive this nation towards prosperity.
  6. Muslims should be vigilant, especially during these times, and refrain from any form of words or deeds which are unlawful. One should be mindful that spreading of rumors, engaging in unnecessary arguments, quarrels and violence are against the teachings of Islam and have negative impact on our Faith (Imaan).
  7. The Ulama (Religious Scholars) should completely avoid supporting or opposing any political party or candidate in their respective sermons in Masjids and should guide the community to adhere to these guidelines with regard to the Elections. Masjids shall not be used under any circumstance for any form of election propaganda and other related activities.
  8. As soon the Elections are over, discipline should be maintained. The Muslim community should preserve unity and peaceful coexistence at all times and conduct themselves in an exemplary manner.

The ACJU kindly requests the Ulama, Masjid Trustees, professionals, members of the ACJU District and Divisional Branches island-wide to guide the general public to adhere to the above guidelines.


Ash Shaikh A.C. Agar Mohamed

Deputy President

All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama




2018.01.22 / 1439.05.04 (H)

Guidelines from ACJU with regard to Local Government Elections:

To the Attention of Voters and Candidates!

We believe that we have the moral obligation to put forward certain disciplinary guidelines to be strictly followed by the voters and the candidates. First of all we would like to remind the voters that using the ballots is an opportunity of contributing towards the great service of building our nation: and this should be the perspective of the Elections.

It is not overstating if we say through the anticipated Local Government Elections a great opportunity is given to the people to build a political culture based on the dimensions of our motherland and putting up a foundation for the good-governance. In the Islamic perspective balloting in election is similar to offering Shafa’ah, which means recommending, Waqalah which is offering accountability and above all it is a Shahadah which means to bear testimony.  

The voters shall adopt the following guidelines:

  • Our ballots shall be casted to candidates devoid of fraudulent activities and to those who bear excellent moral character.
  • We shall confirm that one who receives our ballots should be a patriotic and a social worker, having the feeling of developing his locality.
  • Voters’ selection shall be one who shall feel that he is undertaking a great service for the people: and not one desires for designation and use politics for making money.
  • Candidates violating the country’s law and order should be rejected.
  • Candidates making efforts inducing ethnic violence and religious hatred speeches during their propaganda activities should be rejected from selection.
  • Criticizing other political parties, and other candidates, humiliating with indecent behavior are all not suitable to be selected.

Political Parties for Local Government elections and their candidates are expected to follow the election guidelines given below:

  • Your expectation shall be good governance in our motherland shall be bloomed, all communities and people of all faiths shall live together unitedly with peace and harmony, the country shall develop in all criteria and progress as fast as possible. This way you shall shine as a model of a good governance, which is our sole expectation.
  • You all shall keep in mind that Position is not only a blessing, but, an Amanath (a Trust), too. In your private life, family life, and social life you must carefully maintain spiritual and moral good qualities.
  • With praiseworthy characteristics like simplicity, sacrifice and dedication a Muslim’s activities shall be witnessing Islam and Muslim community being Muslim candidates and Islamic leaders.
  • You shall not get involved in power abuse and any nefarious activities. On contrary, follow just and fair positions at all situations.
  • You shall guaranty that through any of your actions or activities you may not cause injustice to any individual or groups.
  • Similarly when speaking of the rights of your own community you shall follow a civilized etiquette to avoid hurting other brothers’ feelings.

Finally, at all situations let us fear Allah, the Almighty. May Allah be satisfied with all our good efforts!

Ash-Shaikh A.C. Agar Mohamed
Deputy President / In-charge of Political Division
All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama