03.05.2016 (26.08.1437)


Let's Speed up the Masjid Centralized Reliefs

The All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama conveys its whole-hearted gratitude to all those who have been helping the flood victims in the efforts of wiping out their sorrows, while praying for the acceptance and blessings of Allahu Ta'ala.

ln regard the flood victims, ACJU has been providing various guidelines as usual to overcome the adverse situation. During the Executive Committee Meeting held on 15.05.2016, considering the unusual climatic condition prevailing, the ACJU requested the public to plead Allah for forgiveness, offering prayers and supplications and get involved in good deeds in approaching to the close proximity to Allah, the Almighty, while insisting its district and the divisional branches on getting involved in relief works jointly with the Masjids. Accordingly, the ACJU's Ratnapura District Branch took over the relief work in Dehiyowita and Ruwanwella areas, while Kandy District Branch served in Kadugannawa area, Kegalle District Branch served in Aranayake area and Galle District Branch served in Malwana area.

An emergency Executive Committee Meeting was called on Wednesday, 18.05.2016, at the Head Office of the ACJU and decision was taken to split the ACJU employees as teams and sent to different affected areas for emergency relief work with allocation of emergency funds.

The President of the ACJU spoke on SLBC requesting alt to speed up the relief works on 18.05.2016. lt is noteworthy that in collection of Relief Fund the ACJU released another Notice on the same day. However, with several attempts of the ACJU the relief funds were collected island-wide after the Jumu'ah prayers on Friday, 20.05.201-6, and deposited to the ACJU Relief account.

The ACIU invited 19 Muslim Organizations involved in the Social Services on 20,05.2016 to its Head Office, with the intention of making efforts together to see that the help aid could reach the wanted people on time. This gathering was held under the leadership of Ash-sheikh A.C. Agar Mohamed, the Vice President of the ACJU. On that day, it was resolved that a Relief Coordinating Center (RCC) to be established to collect the data of affected people, to make efforts to obtain victims' rights from the Government, to guide with a calling center to connect the victims with the donors or helpers, and decided to work on these types of relief works. According to this resolution under the leadership of the ACJU and the coordination of the other organizations the RCC commenced operation.

The loss of flood disaster is not a minor one. Most of the affected people have lost all their belongings and were desperate. At a situation like this a meeting of Ash-Shaikh Mufti M.l.M Rizwe, the President of the ACJU, with the Masjid Federations in Colombo took place on Friday, 27th May, 2016.

And, it was resolved that the best way of handling such a situation as the ACJU experienced before during the disaster periods of Tsunami, floods, etc. to speed up Masjid centralized relief works.

ln accordance with that until the affected people get resettled gradually to keep helping them the ACJU had given the responsibility to the Masjid Federations in Colombo in the following way listed:


  No Federations Name of Masjid
1 Maligawatta Fed|Pettah Fed Kohilawatta Jumma Masiid
Muhiyadeen Masjid (Mahabukgamuwa)
Weliwita Masjid
2 Maradana Fed | Dematagoda Fed Masjid Abu Bakr (Megoda Kolonnawa)
Masjidun Nooraniya (Megoda Kolonnawa)
Masiidul Falooliya (lvlegoda Kolonnawa)
Masiid Rahma (Megoda Kolonnawa)
Masiidur Umar
Masjidul Hanifa
3 Kolpity Fed |Kirulapona Fed Gothatuwa Masiid
Masjid Samsudiniya (Gotthotuwa)
IDH Jawatta Masiid
Masiid Salamiya (Kamatewatta Gotthotuwa)
4 Slave Island Fed Al - Amaan (Meethotamulla Kalansooriya) Masjid
Wadugodawatta Masjid
Sedawatta Masjid
5 Aluthkade Fed Masiidul Fuadia (Welewatta)
Polwatta Masiid
Ammar bin Yaasir Masjid
Masjidus Safa
6 Dehiwala Fed Darus Salam (Zara's Garden) Masiid
Humaidia Masjid
Darul Huda (Wennawatta) Masiid
7 Grandpass Fed I Mattakuliya Fed Baithul Muqarram JM (Peliyagoda)
Mabola Masjid


With only few days more for the commencement of Ramadhan, the AOU requests very fraternally to speed up your help to all those who are getting ready for resettlement jointly with the Masjid Federations. 



Ash-Shaikh M.M. Ahmed Mubarak

General Secretary

All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama