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Let us act with more vigilant on the day of election

We are aware that the Presidential election would be held on the November 16, 2019. As citizens of Sri Lanka it is our right to caste our vote to our preferred candidate. We therefore urge all Citizens who has obtained their voting right to utilize it by casting their votes without wasting.

All voters are requested to caste their voting to their preferred candidate as early as possible within the stipulated timing without delaying. Further provide the fullest support for the officers who are appointed on Election Duty and carry documents to produce which will prove your identity like the National Identification Card.

It is a mandatory requirement to show your identity when entering to the polling booth, hence we kindly request the women folk who wear the face cover to cooperate with the officers by opening the face cover to confirm your identity when entering the polling booth. And also to be accompanied by a Mahram when going to the polling booth. Further it is preferred to travel in vehicles as much as possible and return home without delay. This would perhaps help us to avoid any unhappy occurrence.  

After  casting  the votes, be engage in  useful activities, rather than  loitering  in the roads and public places, similarly  also engage in prayers to ensure the successful candidate to be the one who is more committed to the nation,  largely engage in  for the betterment  of the citizen, able and efficient  to devote  his best to build this nation and its citizen.

We also kindly request the Ulama, Trustees of the Masjids and Divisional branches of the ACJU, to advise and provide corrective guidance on above to the general public.


Note: We also kindly request the Trustees of Masjid to read this statement after the Jumuah Prayers.


Al Sheikh A.C.Agar Mohamed

Deputy Chairman,

All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama


Presidential Candidate of the Democratic National Front (DNF), Honorable Sajith Premadasa visited the head office of the All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama in Colombo yesterday. He made the above visit as a part of his campaign in which he is presently meeting the religious leaders belonging to all religious faiths observed in the country.  

Mr. Sajith Premadasa met the members of the ACJU Executive Committee including its President, Mufti M.I.M Rizwe.

While explaining the mission and objectives of the ACJU, Mufthi Rizwe highlighted the antiquity of the organization and that it was founded almost a century ago in 1924. He explained to the Presidential Candidate on how ACJU has been actively engaged in carrying out activities adhering to a moderate path while maintaining the policy of being politically unbiased towards political parties, persons or groups, and works with the governments that come to power.      

The President of ACJU further pointed out that the ACJU is dedicatedly carrying out activities to the best of its ability in order to promote peace, unity, coexistence, mutual trust and conciliation among all the communities living in Sri Lanka.  

 ‘We have always denounced extremism, violence and any act or speech that would instill disunity and fuel hatred. Globally, we were among the very first to denounce the actions of the ISIS which we made through the consortium of Muslim organizations’.

‘We also would like to gratefully recall the contribution of your late father for the development of this country. We fervently hope that you would continue the good efforts of your father confirming your gracious political lineage and would treat all citizens of this country as Sri Lankans‘.  

Concluding his welcome address Mufti Rizwe stated that ACJU prays to the Almighty to bless and bestow our Motherland with immense prosperity and to create a peaceful environment in this country for all the communities to live in unity and peace.

Subsequently, Honorable Premadasa in his address explicated few of his key election pledges while asserting how he is currently serving the country in his present capacity fairly and impartially without any religious or communal considerations. He assured that he would continue to serve the country in this same unprejudiced manner. He also stressed that he hopes to make strategies to promote unity among communities and to strengthen the security while walking the nation in the path of economic opulence. 

The Presidential candidate of the DNF further assured that he would ban all forms of malicious speech and actions that would ignite communal mistrust and clash. He also added that he would launch the necessary initiatives to instill the ideology of all citizens of this Nation to be treated as Sri Lankans.

The event ended with the note of appreciation delivered by Ash Shaikh Murshid Mulaffar, Assistant Secretary of ACJU.

General Secretary, Treasurer & other prominent members of the ACJU Executive Committee were also present in the gathering along with Minister Rishard Badiuddeen, Minister Rauff Hakeem, Parliamentarians A.H.M. Fowzie, Mujibur Rahman, S.M. Marikkar and other members.

ACJU Media Division