Quite a number of days have passed since the holy month of Ramadhan reached us. We, Muslims must engage in maximum good deeds like reciting the Holy Quran, giving Sadaqa and involving in other worships during these last 10 days, to get closer to the mercy and love of Allah. Remarkably these last 10 days are more bountiful in merit when we stay in I’thikaaf and search for the most blessed night of Lailathul Qadr and involving in more worships.

Meanwhile, since most males will attend the Masjids at nights it is recommended to make arrangements for security with the cooperation of the area Police Officers, prominent people of the Masjid locality, Masjid Trustees and the ACJU Branch representatives.

May Allah bless us to perform the last 10 days to the optimum merits, alleviate the adverse situations of the Muslim community facing today and create a fearless environment succeeding all conspiracies against us for peace and tranquility in the country.



Ash-Sheikh M.M.A. Mubarak
General Secretary
All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama

23.05.2017 (26.08.1438)

Some Guidelines for Muslims

During the last few days a hostile situation has been prevailing in the country, especially to the Muslims. Some evil elements are provoking ethnical riots against the Mosques and businesses of Muslims. Frightening a community damages the existing peace and coexistence and violates the fundamental rights confirmed by constitution of the country.

The All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama, Muslim Parliamentarians and civil organizations are working together in consulting the government officials to overcome these malicious elements disturbing the country.

At a situation like this the ACJU requests the Muslims to follow the guidelines given below very carefully and cautiously:

1. Strengthening our Connection with Allah, the Almighty:

  • We Muslims strongly believe in Allah and none beyond Allah who can help us than Him. Therefore, all Muslims should refrain from major sins and indulge in good deeds to strengthen our connection with Allah.
  • The Muslim community is wide-open for the welfare of all communities. Therefore, we should think and act upon intending prosperity on all human beings, invite towards good deeds and protect from evil.
  • Supplication (Dua) is a weapon used by us foreseeing losses and difficulties. Therefore, we should engage in Dua as much as possible for a solution, to bring back the country’s situation to normalcy pleading to Allah, the Creator.
  • ‘Qunoothun Naazilah’ is a Dua asked from Allah in Salah especially when one is in fear or scarcity or drought. Masjid Trustees could organize this Dua to be recited in every five times Salah.

 2. Coexistence and protective measures:

  • ACJU Divisional Branches, Masjid Federations and other organizations could collectively make effort as per the need of the Masjid locality to overcome these ethnic violence while coordinating with the Police and taking precautionary safety measures to the residences and businesses premises. During Jumu’ah period special care to be taken as per the need.
  • The Ulama, Masjid Trustees, professionals and social leaders within the local Masjids could collectively make effort to build coexistence in the area. The guidelines are already given in the Declaration of Coexistence of the ACJU.
  • All activities that damage the coexistence should be avoided. Should strictly avoid expressing any opinions insulting other communities in Social Media.
  • Minor disturbances by mischievous elements should not be taken up seriously. On contrary one should look into matters in a broader and thoughtful manner and act wisely.
  • In an emergency one should take necessary actions by coordinating with the Police and abide by the laws.

 3. Guidelines connected to the month of Ramadhaan

  • Reciting Al-Quran as much as possible and making attempt to understand and implement.
  • As soon as the night prayers in Masjids are completed, all are requested to return to their residences, especially the youth, without causing any sort of hindrances to others. Parents should pay special attention in this regard.
  • When engaging in night prayers and Bayan programs, the outer loudspeakers should be switched off or should be controlled within the proximity of the Masjid, and should make sure not cause any disturbances to others.
  • Suitable arrangements within the Shari’ah limitations and protective measures should be provided to the ladies who are participating in night prayers in the Masjid. The members of the Masjid locality should pay attention in this regard.
  • Special care should be taken in parking of vehicles and all precautions to be made to make sure not to cause any hindrances to other vehicles.
  • The Divisional Branches of ACJU, Masjid Trustees and the Muslim community should cooperate when implementing the above conditions.

By following the above guidelines, let us strengthen social unity and coexistence and let us use the blessed month of Ramadhaan to attain the pleasure of our Creator, the Almighty Allah.

May Allah accept all our supplications during the month of Ramadhaan and bless all of us to live in peace and harmony in this beautiful country.


Ash-Shaikh Mufti M.I.M. Rizwe                         Ash-Shaikh M.M.A. Mubarak
President                                                            General Secretary
All Ceylon Jammiyyathul Ulama                               All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama

N.B. – To Masjid Trustees:  We request all Masjid Trustees to read these Guidelines to the public in the forthcoming Jum’uah and display in the Masjid Notice Board.