Starting A New Maktab

  • The Board of Trustees should agree to comply to the ACJU Maktab System
  • General Awareness program should be conducted
  • Jumuah Khutubah
  • Selecting a suitable location
  • Submission of the Maktab Application fee
  • Mu’allim attend 6 days training at ACJU Maktab Division
  • Calling for student applications

Location for Maktab

  • Masjid or a place owned by the Masjid
  • Separate Class arrangements for girls above 8 years
  • Mu’allima
  • Classes to be conducted out of Masjid
  • Basic Requirements
  • Safety
  • Hygiene
  • Sufficient Light
  • Good Ventilation

Submitting Maktab Application & SOP

  • The Board of Trustees should Read & Understand the terms & Conditions of the Maktab SOP
  • Appoint 2 Maktab Representatives
  • From Board of Trustees or any other capable persons
  • Appointed Maktab Representatives should fill in the application and submit to ACJU Maktab division
  • Admission fee Rs. 1000/-