Maktab Rating


Organized Maktab

A Maktab which follows the system to produce children of Taqwa and Tarbiya



Organized Maktab “C” Rating

  • Masjid Representative should have Attended initial workshop
  • Separate files should be opened and maintained form Administration & Accounts
  • A Bank Account should be opened
  • Muallim attend Training
  • Facilities for students (Bench, ID, Fan, Clean, White Board, Uniform)



Organized Maktab “B” Rating

  • Masjid Representative allocates Time to the Maktab (Weekly 30 Minutes)
    • He is Present during the Muawin visit
    • He Attends all Maktab Programs
    • He attends all Centre meetings
  • A Proper Cash flow is maintained
  • Masjid fee is paid without default
  • Centre fee is without default
  • Muallim Salary is paid on a dedicated date
  • The Muallim has Signed the student’s book
  • The Muallim Practices good Collective education method
  • He uses physical Actions for teaching
  • Student Assessment reports are marked duely
  • Muallim had attended Thajweed training
  • 2 parents meeting are conducted annually
  • Muallim Attendance (Marked, Leave informed, Punctual)



Organized Maktab “A” Rating

  • Monthly Accounts statements submitted
  • Muallim has good Class Management skills
  • Muallim attends all Maktab workshops



Organized Maktab “AA” Rating

  • Supporting documents are maintained for operational expenses together with the Monthly Statement.
  • Proper arrangements are made for students who have financial difficulties
  • Overall Fee arrears should be less than 5%
  • The Muallim has Covered the Syllabus
  • Has conducted a one to one Parents Meeting
  • The Maktab system is followed in all functions and occasions (Annual program, new class etc.)



Organized Maktab “AAA” Rating

  • The Level of education of education of the students are
    • Nazira 90%
    • Thajweed 90%
    • Arabic 75%
    • Others 60%